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Xi 'an hotel supplies exhibition on May 15, CLS

Date: 2014-05-08

Xi 'an may, spring flowers, vibrant, in this beautiful season, we will soon celebrate the annual Midwest's biggest hotel supplies exhibition. By the shaanxi province tourist association/shaanxi tourist hotels association of shaanxi province cooking food industry association/hotel association of shaanxi province, shaanxi province, Hong Kong and Macao to the baking industry association professional committee of xi 'an coffee/association jointly organized by hotel general manager, shaanxi tourism services companies exhibition exhibition co., LTD. / / xian China xi 'an qujiang exhibition art exhibition planning co., LTD. / guangzhou China exhibition planning co., LTD. Jointly undertake the 15th "xi 'an international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition" will be on May 15 to 17, opens in the xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center. The exhibition with the theme of "low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving will focus on interpretation in the Midwest hotel restaurant industry giant an opportunity with a new future.
Hotel comprehensive and rapid development of the catering industry to the prosperity of the Midwest, xian hotel supplies exhibition after 14 years of development, strive to full service hotel catering industry one-stop exchange purchase, the exhibition will reach the most of all, show area of nearly 40000 square meters, a comprehensive display, AD hoc twelve big exhibition: catering kitchen equipment supplies, cleaning equipment supplies, hotel furniture, textile cloth uniform area, guest rooms and the lobby supplies, desktop products, bakery and coffee equipment supplies, a tea exhibition area, washing equipment and supplies, fitness entertainment intelligent area, alcoholic drinks and food and beverage service, food and milk products area. Category is various, myriad products, believe that xi 'an hotel supplies exhibition will bring prosperity and development of new sights, to hotel restaurant for purchasers, dealers bring huge business opportunities and opportunities.
The famous brand launch Grow to renew industry new movement
The 15th international hotel equipment and supplies in xian tour exhibition not only in shaanxi people, xi 'an daming, dream, jalam, big buford, wang zhen, xi ke, richly, Dr House, big king, Yang Qi mattresses, origin, justice, kitchen utensils and appliances market, kerry hotel supplies city, new leaves textile, Europe minister, snow refrigeration, the hao, hudong zhonghua, huiquan, Shanghai AnJiHang vibration, and the green, guangdong kingdom wu, our headquarters, acm, Beijing for many years, such as exhibitors and old customers continue to expand, as well as Shanghai ShenGuang, countries, jin peng hotel supplies, kitchen utensils and appliances equipped with star logistics center, square and wins and kitchen utensils and appliances, Jin Fu, sweet coffee, xin gold orchid, Malaysia coffee group exhibition, yi DE xin, shandong Macao xu, taikang kitchen industry, hong xiang, yangzhou mining minister, and many other new customers luxurious appearance. Especially Shanghai ShenGuang washing equipment in pushing into washing market first choice under the strategy of xi 'an hotel, star logistics industry service package area exhibition, shaanxi cleaning cleaning association membership of nearly 200 square area comprehensive exhibition, is also the exhibition a beautiful scenery line!
Special exhibition "sing" together draw industry one-stop brand communication event
In order to speed up the Midwest hotel restaurant industry comprehensive and rapid development, the realization of a one-stop purchasing communication, focus on building brand exhibition platform in the Midwest. Xi 'an hotel supplies exhibition will be held during the same period: the seventh xian xi 'an international hotel furniture exhibition / 7th international exhibition of bakery, coffee, tea/the 7th of xi 'an international food, wine, drinks and hotel catering exhibition. Through years of comprehensive development and the industry's strong support, and the organizing committee to xi 'an hotel supplies exhibition will become the Midwest hotel catering industry one-stop shopping brand communication event, leading the industry development the new future.
Full interactive With chang hotel catering industry a new future in the Midwest
To promote the industry tongren exchanges and cooperation between, this exhibition will appear as the industry "exhibition" in combination with the new luminescent spot, will be held:
2014 "jalam cup" in western hotel linen skills challenge (B1)
In order to promote the vigorous development of the tourist hotel, the hotel industry in our province, hosted by the shaanxi tourist hotels association, etc, from xi 'an China exhibition exhibition co., LTD to undertake, such as the 15th "xi 'an international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition" will be on May 15 to 17, 2014 in xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center held B1, B3 hall. The onsite B1 hall will hold "2014" jalam cup "in western hotel cloth grass skills contest competition activities.
This activity in the main, the organiser of the elaborate and shaanxi tourist hotel, actively participate in support of the hotel, in the western areas will tourist hotel, the hotel culture promotion and popularization, technology exchange and communication has played a positive role in promoting. This activity to invite senior experts from the national hotel industry to participate in the review, set up the awards, MEDALS, honorary certificate, etc for the present tourist hotel, the guesthouse external image have positive energy.